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Academic Article Randomized Clinical Trial of the Women's Lifestyle Physical Activity Program for African-American Women: 24- and 48-Week Outcomes.
Academic Article Retention of African American Women in a Lifestyle Physical Activity Program.
Academic Article Cardiovascular Risk in Midlife African American Women Participating in a Lifestyle Physical Activity Program.
Academic Article The relationship of resting and exercise blood pressure in subjects with essential hypertension before and after drug treatment with propranolol.
Academic Article Exercise physiology and cardiovascular fitness.
Academic Article Physiological outcomes of aerobic exercise training in hemiparetic stroke patients.
Academic Article Physiologic versus pathologic hypertrophy: endurance exercise and chronic pressure overload.
Academic Article The role of catecholamines, age, and fitness on blood pressure reactivity to dynamic exercise in patients with essential hypertension.
Academic Article The accumulative effects of physical activity in hypertensive post-menopausal women.
Academic Article Physical activity and exercise for elders with cardiovascular disease.
Academic Article Accumulation of behavioral validation evidence for physical activity stage of change.
Academic Article Upper-body progressive resistance training improves strength and household physical activity performance in women attending cardiac rehabilitation.
Academic Article Cholesterol and triglyceride management: "if I take my medication, can I eat what I want?".
Academic Article Interventions to promote physical activity and dietary lifestyle changes for cardiovascular risk factor reduction in adults: a scientific statement from the American Heart Association.
Academic Article Pet ownership and cardiovascular risk: a scientific statement from the American Heart Association.
Academic Article Women's Lifestyle Physical Activity Program for African American Women: Fidelity Plan and Outcomes.
Academic Article The influence of self-efficacy on exercise intensity, compliance rate and cardiac rehabilitation outcomes among coronary artery disease patients.
Academic Article African-American Women's Long-term Maintenance of Physical Activity Following a Randomized Controlled Trial.
Academic Article The Feasibility of a Combined Lifestyle Physical Activity and Cognitive Training Intervention to Prevent Cognitive Impairment in Older Women With Cardiovascular Disease.
Academic Article A study protocol for MindMoves: A lifestyle physical activity and cognitive training intervention to prevent cognitive impairment in older women with cardiovascular disease.
Academic Article Self-Efficacy, Outcome Expectations, Group Social Support, and Adherence to Physical Activity in African American Women.

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