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Concept Hypoglycemic Agents
Academic Article Rosiglitazone treatment of diabetes mellitus after solid organ transplantation.
Academic Article Pioglitazone in the management of diabetes mellitus after transplantation.
Academic Article Eliminating inpatient sliding-scale insulin: a reeducation project with medical house staff.
Academic Article Rush University guidelines and protocols for the management of hyperglycemia in hospitalized patients: elimination of the sliding scale and improvement of glycemic control throughout the hospital.
Academic Article Comparison of once-daily glargine insulin with twice-daily NPH/regular insulin for control of hyperglycemia in inpatients after cardiovascular surgery.
Academic Article Once-daily insulin glargine versus 6-hour sliding scale regular insulin for control of hyperglycemia after a bariatric surgical procedure: a randomized clinical trial.
Academic Article Impact of a subcutaneous insulin protocol in the emergency department: Rush Emergency Department Hyperglycemia Intervention (REDHI).
Academic Article Management of hyperglycemia in hospitalized patients with renal insufficiency or steroid-induced diabetes.
Academic Article Reducing the risk of hypoglycemia associated with intravenous insulin: experience with a computerized insulin infusion program in 4 adult intensive care units.
Academic Article Glucocorticoid therapy and diabetes management.

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