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Concept Radiotherapy Dosage
Academic Article Case report and dosimetric analysis of an axillary recurrence after partial breast irradiation with mammosite catheter.
Academic Article Helical tomotherapy and larynx sparing in advanced oropharyngeal carcinoma: a dosimetric study.
Academic Article Tomotherapy and multifield intensity-modulated radiotherapy planning reduce cardiac doses in left-sided breast cancer patients with unfavorable cardiac anatomy.
Academic Article Sparing of the neural stem cell compartment during whole-brain radiation therapy: a dosimetric study using helical tomotherapy.
Academic Article Comparison of computed tomography scout based reference point localization to conventional film and axial computed tomography.
Academic Article Sparing of the hippocampus, limbic circuit and neural stem cell compartment during partial brain radiotherapy for glioma: a dosimetric feasibility study.
Academic Article Dosimetric characteristics of the small diameter BrainLabâ„¢ cones used for stereotactic radiosurgery.
Academic Article A simplified technique for delivering total body irradiation (TBI) with improved dose homogeneity.
Academic Article Integral dose delivered to normal brain with conventional intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) and helical tomotherapy IMRT during partial brain radiotherapy for high-grade gliomas with and without selective sparing of the hippocampus, limbic circuit and neural stem cell compartment.
Academic Article Optimization for high-dose-rate brachytherapy of cervical cancer with adaptive simulated annealing and gradient descent.
Academic Article Patterns of locoregional failure in stage III non-small cell lung cancer treated with definitive chemoradiation therapy.
Academic Article The sensitivity of ArcCHECK-based gamma analysis to manufactured errors in helical tomotherapy radiation delivery.
Academic Article Reporting small bowel dose in cervix cancer high-dose-rate brachytherapy.
Academic Article A model for predicting the dose to the parotid glands based on their relative overlapping with planning target volumes during helical radiotherapy.
Academic Article Acoustic-based proton range verification in heterogeneous tissue: simulation studies.
Academic Article Dosimetric effects of saline- versus water-filled balloon applicators for IORT using the model S700 electronic brachytherapy source.
Academic Article Initial Clinical Experience With Novel Directional Low-Dose Rate Brachytherapy for Retroperitoneal Sarcoma.
Academic Article A novel use of 3D-printed template in vaginal HDR brachytherapy.

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