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Academic Article Psychopathology, trauma and delinquency: subtypes of aggression and their relevance for understanding young offenders.
Academic Article The mental and physical health of homeless youth: a literature review.
Academic Article Psychiatric Prescribers' Experiences With Doctor Shoppers.
Academic Article State and trait emotions in delinquent adolescents.
Academic Article The cultural sensibility model: a process-oriented approach for children and adolescents.
Academic Article Psychopathology in African unaccompanied refugee minors in Austria.
Academic Article Personality and psychopathology in African unaccompanied refugee minors: repression, resilience and vulnerability.
Academic Article Examining the Relationship Between Parent and Child Psychopathology in Treatment-Seeking Veterans.
Academic Article Factors Associated with Management of Teen Aggression: Child Psychiatric Clinical Decision Making.
Academic Article Network science and social media.
Academic Article Pragmatic research for a messy world.
Academic Article Integrated treatment of aggression in the context of ADHD in children refractory to stimulant monotherapy: a window into the future of child psychopharmacology.
Academic Article Mental health issues in unaccompanied refugee minors.
Academic Article Disruptive behaviors: conduct and oppositional disorders in adolescents.
Academic Article Psychosocial background in incarcerated adolescents from Austria, Turkey and former Yugoslavia.
Academic Article Bias, the Scientific Method, and the Journal.
Academic Article Conflict of Interest and the Journal Revisited.
Academic Article Early Life Stress and Childhood Aggression: Mediating and Moderating Effects of Child Callousness and Stress Reactivity.
Academic Article Correction to: Early Life Stress and Childhood Aggression: Mediating and Moderating Effects of Child Callousness and Stress Reactivity.
Academic Article Evaluating patterns and predictors of symptom change during a three-week intensive outpatient treatment for veterans with PTSD.
Academic Article Building a Child Mental Health Workforce for the 21st Century: Closing the Training Gap.
Academic Article Editorial: Bullying and Suicide Risk: Restructuring Prevention, Identification, and Treatment to Address a Global Mental Health Crisis.
Academic Article Adapting a family intervention to reduce risk factors for sexual exploitation.
Academic Article Editorial: Analyzing Treatment and Prescribing in Large Administrative Datasets With a Lens on Equity.
Academic Article A Scoping Review of Associations Between Cannabis Use and Anxiety in Adolescents and Young Adults.

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