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Concept Patient Participation
Concept Patient Acceptance of Health Care
Concept Patient Education as Topic
Concept Patient Care Team
Concept Physician-Patient Relations
Concept Patient Compliance
Concept Patient Care Management
Academic Article Change in coronary-prone behaviors in the recurrent coronary prevention project.
Academic Article Task Force III: Assessment of psychological status in patients with ischemic heart disease.
Academic Article Effect of discontinuance of type A behavioral counseling on type A behavior and cardiac recurrence rate of post myocardial infarction patients.
Academic Article Alteration of type A behavior and its effect on cardiac recurrences in post myocardial infarction patients: summary results of the recurrent coronary prevention project.
Academic Article Alteration of type A behavior and reduction in cardiac recurrences in postmyocardial infarction patients.
Academic Article Diagonal earlobe creases and prognosis in patients with suspected coronary artery disease.
Academic Article Hepatitis B vaccination in adolescents: knowledge, perceived risk, and compliance.
Academic Article Effects of treating depression and low perceived social support on clinical events after myocardial infarction: the Enhancing Recovery in Coronary Heart Disease Patients (ENRICHD) Randomized Trial.
Academic Article A short social support measure for patients recovering from myocardial infarction: the ENRICHD Social Support Inventory.
Academic Article Relationship of social support and social burden to repeated breast cancer screening in the women's health initiative.
Academic Article Depression and heart failure in patients with a new myocardial infarction.
Academic Article Increasing self-management skills in heart failure patients: a pilot study.
Academic Article Understanding African-American participation in a behavioral intervention: results from focus groups.
Academic Article Spirituality, religion, and clinical outcomes in patients recovering from an acute myocardial infarction.
Academic Article Elements of nonpharmacologic interventions that prevent progression of heart failure: a meta-analysis.
Academic Article The Heart Failure Adherence and Retention Trial (HART): design and rationale.
Academic Article Use of MP3 players to increase asthma knowledge in inner-city African-American adolescents.
Academic Article Quality of life in a diverse population of patients with heart failure: BASELINE FINDINGS FROM THE HEART FAILURE ADHERENCE AND RETENTION TRIAL (HART).
Academic Article The impact of cognitive behavioral group training on event-free survival in patients with myocardial infarction: the ENRICHD experience.
Academic Article Self-management counseling in patients with heart failure: the heart failure adherence and retention randomized behavioral trial.
Academic Article Evaluation of the Fight Asthma Now (FAN) program to improve asthma knowledge in urban youth and teenagers.
Academic Article The Mexican-American Trial of Community Health workers (MATCH): design and baseline characteristics of a randomized controlled trial testing a culturally tailored community diabetes self-management intervention.
Academic Article Adherence to evidence-based guidelines for heart failure in physicians and their patients: lessons from the Heart Failure Adherence Retention Trial (HART).
Academic Article Does self-management counseling in patients with heart failure improve quality of life? Findings from the Heart Failure Adherence and Retention Trial (HART).
Academic Article Mexican American trial of community health workers: a randomized controlled trial of a community health worker intervention for Mexican Americans with type 2 diabetes mellitus.
Academic Article Comparison of predictors of heart failure-related hospitalization or death in patients with versus without preserved left ventricular ejection fraction.
Academic Article Congestive heart failure adherence redesign trial: a pilot study.
Academic Article Posttraumatic stress and depression: potential pathways to disease burden among heart failure patients.
Academic Article Traumatic stress and cardiopulmonary disease burden among low-income, urban heart failure patients.
Academic Article Impact of Physical Inactivity on Mortality in Patients With Heart Failure.
Academic Article BRIGHTEN Heart: Design and baseline characteristics of a randomized controlled trial for minority older adults with depression and cardiometabolic syndrome.
Academic Article Design of a bilevel clinical trial targeting adherence in heart failure patients and their providers: The Congestive Heart Failure Adherence Redesign Trial (CHART).

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