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Concept Globus Pallidus
Academic Article Methamphetamine-induced sensitization includes a functional upregulation of ventral pallidal 5-HT2A/2C receptors.
Academic Article Sensitization by ventral pallidal DAMGO: lack of cross-sensitization to morphine.
Academic Article Cellular distribution of AMPA receptor subunits and mGlu5 following acute and repeated administration of morphine or methamphetamine.
Academic Article The ventral pallidum: Subregion-specific functional anatomy and roles in motivated behaviors.
Academic Article Serotonin(2C) receptors in the ventral pallidum regulate motor function in rats.
Academic Article The role of the ventral pallidum in psychiatric disorders.
Academic Article The ventral pallidum is critically involved in the development and expression of morphine-induced sensitization.
Academic Article Fos expression following activation of the ventral pallidum in normal rats and in a model of Parkinson's Disease: implications for limbic system and basal ganglia interactions.
Academic Article Intra-ventral pallidal glutamate antagonists block expression of morphine-induced place preference.
Academic Article Changes in accumbal and pallidal pCREB and deltaFosB in morphine-sensitized rats: correlations with receptor-evoked electrophysiological measures in the ventral pallidum.
Academic Article Limbic pallidal adaptations following long-term cessation of dopaminergic transmission: lack of upregulation of dopamine receptor function.
Academic Article Alterations in responses of ventral pallidal neurons to excitatory amino acids after long-term dopamine depletion.
Academic Article Mu and kappa opioid agonists modulate ventral tegmental area input to the ventral pallidum.
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