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Concept Transforming Growth Factor beta
Academic Article Human articular chondrocytes express osteogenic protein-1.
Academic Article Response of human chondrocytes prepared for autologous implantation to growth factors.
Academic Article Immunohistochemical localization of osteogenetic protein (OP-1) and its receptors in rabbit articular cartilage.
Academic Article OP-1/BMP-7 in cartilage repair.
Academic Article Safety of epidural administration of Osteogenic Protein-1 (OP-1/BMP-7): behavioral and macroscopic observation.
Academic Article Anti-catabolic effect of OP-1 in chronically compressed intervertebral discs.
Academic Article IL-1beta, but not BMP-7 leads to a dramatic change in the gene expression pattern of human adult articular chondrocytes--portraying the gene expression pattern in two donors.
Academic Article Synergistic effect of IGF-1 and OP-1 on matrix formation by normal and OA chondrocytes cultured in alginate beads.
Academic Article A capsular incision leads to a fast osteoarthritic response, but also elevated levels of activated osteogenic protein-1 in rabbit knee joint cartilage.
Academic Article Expression of bioactive bone morphogenetic proteins in the subacromial bursa of patients with chronic degeneration of the rotator cuff.
Academic Article Basic fibroblast growth factor inhibits the anabolic activity of insulin-like growth factor 1 and osteogenic protein 1 in adult human articular chondrocytes.
Academic Article Osteogenic protein-1 (osteogenic protein-1/bone morphogenetic protein-7) inhibits degeneration and pain-related behavior induced by chronically compressed nucleus pulposus in the rat.
Academic Article Regulation of anabolic and catabolic gene expression in normal and osteoarthritic adult human articular chondrocytes by osteogenic protein-1.
Academic Article Modulation of endogenous osteogenic protein-1 (OP-1) by interleukin-1 in adult human articular cartilage.
Academic Article Alterations in endogenous osteogenic protein-1 with degeneration of human articular cartilage.
Academic Article The combination of insulin-like growth factor 1 and osteogenic protein 1 promotes increased survival of and matrix synthesis by normal and osteoarthritic human articular chondrocytes.
Academic Article Regulation of osteogenic proteins by chondrocytes.
Academic Article Inhibitory effects of insulin-like growth factor-1 and osteogenic protein-1 on fibronectin fragment- and interleukin-1beta-stimulated matrix metalloproteinase-13 expression in human chondrocytes.
Academic Article Age-related changes in cartilage endogenous osteogenic protein-1 (OP-1).

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