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Academic Article Fretting-corrosion behavior in hip implant modular junctions: The influence of friction energy and pH variation.
Academic Article Intergranular pitting corrosion of CoCrMo biomedical implant alloy.
Academic Article Wear-corrosion synergism in a CoCrMo hip bearing alloy is influenced by proteins.
Academic Article CoCrMo metal-on-metal hip replacements.
Academic Article [Rotational bending test of hydroxylapatite plasma-coated models of TiAl6V4].
Academic Article [Effect of surface hardness of the femur head prosthesis on abrasive wear forces in pairing with polyethylene for artificial hip joints].
Academic Article Subsurface microstructure of metal-on-metal hip joints and its relationship to wear particle generation.
Academic Article Microvascular response of striated muscle to common arthroplasty-alloys: A comparative in vivo study with CoCrMo, Ti-6Al-4V, and Ti-6Al-7Nb.
Academic Article Short-term microvascular response of striated muscle to cp-Ti, Ti-6Al-4V, and Ti-6Al-7Nb.
Academic Article Microvasculatory reaction of skeletal muscle to Ti-15Mo in comparison to well-established titanium alloys.
Academic Article Stability of cp-Ti and Ti-6Al-4V alloy for dental implants as a function of saliva pH - an electrochemical study.
Academic Article Electrochemical behavior of titanium in artificial saliva: influence of pH.
Academic Article The tribological difference between biomedical steels and CoCrMo-alloys.
Academic Article New insights into hard phases of CoCrMo metal-on-metal hip replacements.
Academic Article Influence of pH on the tribocorrosion behavior of CpTi in the oral environment: synergistic interactions of wear and corrosion.
Academic Article Effect of tribolayer formation on corrosion of CoCrMo alloys investigated using scanning electrochemical microscopy.
Academic Article Tribolayer formation in a metal-on-metal (MoM) hip joint: an electrochemical investigation.
Academic Article Influence of corrosion on lipopolysaccharide affinity for two different titanium materials.
Academic Article Tribocorrosion behavior of CoCrMo alloy for hip prosthesis as a function of loads: a comparison between two testing systems.
Academic Article In vitro simulation of fretting-corrosion in hip implant modular junctions: The influence of pH.
Academic Article The effect of hyaluronic acid on the corrosion of an orthopedic CoCrMo-alloy in simulated inflammatory conditions.
Academic Article Effects of bovine serum albumin and hyaluronic acid on the electrochemical response of a CoCrMo alloy to cathodic and anodic excursions.
Academic Article Nickel-free high-nitrogen austenitic steel outperforms CoCrMo alloy regarding tribocorrosion in simulated inflammatory synovial fluids.
Academic Article Fretting-corrosion of CoCr-alloys against TiAl6V4: The importance of molybdenum in oxidative biological environments.
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