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Concept Biomechanical Phenomena
Academic Article Nonidentical and outlier duty cycles as factors accelerating UHMWPE wear in THA: a finite element exploration.
Academic Article Habitual hip joint activity level of the penned EMU (Dromaius novaehollandie).
Academic Article Effects of episodic subluxation events on third body ingress and embedment in the THA bearing surface.
Academic Article A parametric approach to numerical modeling of TKR contact forces.
Academic Article 2009 Nicolas Andry Award: clinical biomechanics of third body acceleration of total hip wear.
Academic Article Fine tuning total knee replacement contact force prediction algorithms using blinded model validation.
Academic Article Methods for locating the tibio-femoral contact pathway in total knee replacements using marker-based gait analysis and standard radiography.
Academic Article Comparison of Antagonist Muscle Activity During Walking Between Total Knee Replacement and Control Subjects Using Unnormalized Electromyography.
Academic Article A reduction in the knee adduction moment with medial thrust gait is associated with a medial shift in center of plantar pressure.
Academic Article Are Instrumented Knee Forces Representative of a Larger Population of Cruciate-Retaining Total Knee Arthroplasties?
Academic Article Sensitivity of total knee replacement wear to variability in motion and load input: A parametric finite element analysis study.
Academic Article Can a gait-dependent model predict wear on retrieved total knee arthroplasty components?
Academic Article Effect of Lumbar Fusion and Pelvic Fixation Rigidity on Hip Joint Stress: A Finite Element Analysis.
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