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Concept Biomechanical Phenomena
Academic Article Kinematic simulation of fracture reduction and bone deformity correction under unilateral external fixation.
Academic Article Biomechanical considerations of fracture treatment and bone quality maintenance in elderly patients and patients with osteoporosis.
Academic Article Tendon reattachment to a metallic implant using an allogenic bone plate augmented with rhOP-1 vs. autogenous cancellous bone and marrow in a canine model.
Academic Article Anti-adhesion properties of a thrombin-based hemostatic gelatin in a canine laminectomy model: a biomechanical, biochemical, and histologic study.
Academic Article Intervertebral disc degeneration: biological and biomechanical factors.
Academic Article Intradiscal injections of osteogenic protein-1 restore the viscoelastic properties of degenerated intervertebral discs.
Academic Article Extracortical bone-bridging fixation with use of cortical allograft and recombinant human osteogenic protein-1.
Academic Article In vivo three-dimensional analysis of hindfoot kinematics.
Academic Article Three-dimensional morphology and kinematics of the craniovertebral junction in rheumatoid arthritis.
Academic Article Spinal kinematics and facet load transmission after total disc replacement.
Academic Article Biomechanical comparison of three different types of C7 fixation techniques.
Academic Article Biomechanical effect of the C2 laminar decortication on the stability of C2 intralaminar screw construct and biomechanical comparison of C2 intralaminar screw and C2 pars screw.
Academic Article Features of hindfoot 3D kinetics in flat foot in ankle-joint maximal dorsiflexion and plantarflexion.
Academic Article Biomechanics of intervertebral disk degeneration.
Academic Article Biomechanical and morphometric evaluation of occipital condyle for occipitocervical segmental fixation.
Academic Article Overexpression of DMP1 accelerates mineralization and alters cortical bone biomechanical properties in vivo.
Academic Article Three-dimensional kinematic analysis of the cervical spine after anterior cervical decompression and fusion at an adjacent level: a preliminary report.
Academic Article Biomechanical comparison of occiput-C1-C2 fixation techniques: C0-C1 transarticular screw and direct occiput condyle screw.
Academic Article Load response of the tarsal bones in patients with flatfoot deformity: in vivo 3D study.
Academic Article Effect of capsulotomy on hip stability-a consideration during hip arthroscopy.
Academic Article Methods for locating the tibio-femoral contact pathway in total knee replacements using marker-based gait analysis and standard radiography.
Academic Article Weight-bearing three-dimensional computed tomography analysis of the forefoot in patients with flatfoot deformity.
Academic Article Effects of Axial Torsion on Disc Height Distribution: An In Vivo Study.
Academic Article The effect of low intensity pulsed ultrasound applied to rabbit tibiae during the consolidation phase of distraction osteogenesis.
Academic Article The Kinematics and Spondylosis of the Lumbar Spine Vary Depending on the Levels of Motion Segments in Individuals With Low Back Pain.
Academic Article Which salvage fixation technique is best for the failed initial screw fixation at the cervicothoracic junction? A biomechanical comparison study.
Academic Article In vitro biomechanical evaluation of a monocoque plate-spacer construct for cervical open-door laminoplasty.
Academic Article Changes in elbow joint contact area in symptomatic valgus instability of the elbow in baseball players.
Academic Article Four-dimensional computed tomography evaluation of shoulder joint motion in collegiate baseball pitchers.
Academic Article Effect of Lumbar Fusion and Pelvic Fixation Rigidity on Hip Joint Stress: A Finite Element Analysis.
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