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Academic Article Effect of impaction sequence on osteochondral graft damage: the role of repeated and varying loads.
Academic Article Role of biomechanics in rotator cuff pathology: North American perspective.
Academic Article The role of subacromial decompression in patients undergoing arthroscopic repair of full-thickness tears of the rotator cuff: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
Academic Article Species-specific biological effects of FGF-2 in articular cartilage: implication for distinct roles within the FGF receptor family.
Academic Article The role of platelet-rich plasma in arthroscopic rotator cuff repair: a systematic review with quantitative synthesis.
Academic Article Role of the superior labrum after biceps tenodesis in glenohumeral stability.
Academic Article The role of acromioplasty for rotator cuff problems.
Academic Article The role of growth factors in cartilage repair.
Academic Article Is there a role for arthroscopy in the treatment of glenohumeral arthritis?
Academic Article Role of platelet-rich plasma in articular cartilage injury and disease.
Academic Article Current concepts: the role of mesenchymal stem cells in the management of knee osteoarthritis.
Academic Article The Role of Biologic Therapy in Rotator Cuff Tears and Repairs.
Academic Article The Role of Platelet-Rich Plasma in Cartilage Pathology: An Updated Systematic Review of the Basic Science Evidence.

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