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Concept Soft Tissue Injuries
Concept Arm Injuries
Concept Wrist Injuries
Concept Wound Healing
Concept Peripheral Nerve Injuries
Concept Hand Injuries
Concept Tendon Injuries
Concept Wound Infection
Concept Athletic Injuries
Academic Article Acute failure of distal biceps reconstruction: a case report.
Academic Article Posterior elbow coverage using whole and split flexor carpi ulnaris flaps: a cadaveric study.
Academic Article Open and arthroscopic management of lateral epicondylitis in the athlete.
Academic Article Complications of limited and total wrist arthrodesis.
Academic Article Local and regional flaps for hand coverage.
Academic Article In reply.
Academic Article Clinical Outcomes of the Flexor Carpi Ulnaris Turnover Flap for Posterior Elbow Soft Tissue Defects.
Academic Article Controversies in Surgical Management of Recalcitrant Enthesopathy of the Extensor Carpi Radialis Brevis.
Academic Article Current concepts in the treatment of distal radial fractures.
Academic Article Articular cartilage injuries of the capitellum interposed in radial head fractures: a report of ten cases.
Academic Article Structural and biochemical evaluation of the elbow capsule after trauma.
Academic Article Complications of distal biceps tendon repairs.
Academic Article Scaphoid waist nonunion with humpback deformity treated without structural bone graft.
Academic Article In reply.
Academic Article Temporary presence of myofibroblasts in human elbow capsule after trauma.
Academic Article Articular shear injuries of the capitellum in adolescents.
Academic Article Olecranon physeal nonunion in the adolescent athlete: identification of two patterns.
Academic Article Surgical Repair of Distal Triceps Tendon Injuries: Short-term to Midterm Clinical Outcomes and Risk Factors for Perioperative Complications.
Academic Article Restoration of peak strength and endurance following distal biceps reconstruction with allograft for chronic ruptures.
Academic Article Anatomic Restoration of the Biceps Brachii Insertion Through a Single Anterior Incision.
Academic Article Return to sporting activity after ulnar nerve transposition for isolated neuritis in competitive overhead athletes.
Academic Article Return to sport and weightlifting analysis following distal biceps tendon repair.

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