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Concept Postoperative Complications
Academic Article Repair of full thickness rotator cuff tears. Gender, age, and other factors affecting outcome.
Academic Article Open Bankart repair versus arthroscopic repair with transglenoid sutures or bioabsorbable tacks for Recurrent Anterior instability of the shoulder: a meta-analysis.
Academic Article The effect of radiofrequency energy on nonweight-bearing areas of bone following shoulder and knee arthroscopy.
Academic Article Multimedia article. The arthroscopic management of partial-thickness rotator cuff tears: a systematic review of the literature.
Academic Article Ulnar Collateral Ligament Reconstruction: Anatomy, Indications, Techniques, and Outcomes.
Academic Article Risk Factors for Short-term Complications of Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction in the United States.
Academic Article Surgical Anatomy of the Knee A Review of Common Open Approaches.
Academic Article Development of an extensive patellar osteophyte following ACL reconstruction.
Academic Article Late anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction failure by femoral bone plug dislodgement. Case report.
Academic Article Complications of anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction with bone-patellar tendon-bone constructs: care and prevention.
Academic Article The incidence of acute patellar tendon harvest complications for anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction.
Academic Article Oral corticosteroid use for loss of flexion after primary anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction.
Academic Article Posterior wall blowout in anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: avoidance, recognition, and salvage.
Academic Article Patellar stress fracture after transosseous extensor mechanism repair: report of 3 cases.
Academic Article Recognizing and managing complications in ACL reconstruction.
Academic Article Societal and economic impact of anterior cruciate ligament tears.
Academic Article Massive heterotopic ossification after biceps tendon rupture and tenodesis.
Academic Article Primary bone grafting following graft procurement for anterior cruciate ligament insufficiency.
Academic Article Arthroscopic removal of painful Bristow hardware.
Academic Article An unusual neurological complication of the Bristow procedure. A case report.
Academic Article Air in painful total hip arthroplasty: diagnosis and treatment.
Academic Article A review of early anterior cruciate ligament surgical repair or reconstruction. Results and caveats.
Academic Article Cost containment: a charge comparison of anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction.
Academic Article Patella infera syndrome: an analysis of the patellar tendon pathology.
Academic Article Reflex sympathetic dystrophy, patella infera contracture syndrome, and loss of motion following anterior cruciate ligament surgery.
Academic Article Revision ACL Reconstruction: A Critical Analysis Review.
Academic Article Surgical Predictors of Clinical Outcomes After Revision Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction.
Academic Article Subscapularis Tenotomy Versus Lesser Tuberosity Osteotomy for Total Shoulder Arthroplasty: A Systematic Review.

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