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Concept Biomechanical Phenomena
Academic Article Effects of graft rotation on initial biomechanical failure characteristics of bone-patellar tendon-bone constructs.
Academic Article Contact pressure at osteochondral donor sites in the patellofemoral joint.
Academic Article Measurement of glenoid bone loss: a comparison of measurement error between 45 degrees and 0 degrees bone loss models and with different posterior arthroscopy portal locations.
Academic Article Biomechanical evaluation of bioabsorbable versus metallic screws for posterior cruciate ligament inlay graft fixation: a comparative study.
Academic Article Tibial fixation of anterior cruciate ligament allograft tendons: comparison of 1-, 2-, and 4-stranded constructs.
Academic Article A biomechanical analysis of bone-patellar tendon-bone grafts after repeat freeze-thaw cycles in a cyclic loading model.
Academic Article Glenoid bone deficiency in recurrent anterior shoulder instability: diagnosis and management.
Academic Article Patellofemoral kinematics after limited resurfacing of the trochlea.
Academic Article Biomechanical similarities among subscapularis repairs after shoulder arthroplasty.
Academic Article Biomechanical evaluation of a high tibial osteotomy with a meniscal transplant.
Academic Article Graft tensioning during knee ligament reconstruction: principles and practice.
Academic Article The biomechanical effects of 1.0 to 1.2 Mrad of ? irradiation on human bone-patellar tendon-bone allografts.
Academic Article Effect of reamer design on posteriorization of the tibial tunnel during endoscopic transtibial anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction.
Academic Article Anteromedial versus transtibial tunnel drilling in anterior cruciate ligament reconstructions: a systematic review.
Academic Article ADAMTS5 is required for biomechanically-stimulated healing of murine tendinopathy.
Academic Article Comparison of glenohumeral contact pressures and contact areas after glenoid reconstruction with latarjet or distal tibial osteochondral allografts.
Academic Article Central-third bone-patellar tendon-bone allografts demonstrate superior biomechanical failure characteristics compared with hemi-patellar tendon grafts.
Academic Article Regional mechanical properties of human patellar tendon allografts.
Academic Article Comparison of glenohumeral contact pressures and contact areas after posterior glenoid reconstruction with an iliac crest bone graft or distal tibial osteochondral allograft.
Academic Article Effect of highly purified capsaicin on articular cartilage and rotator cuff tendon healing: An in vivo rabbit study.
Academic Article Ulnar Collateral Ligament Reconstruction: Anatomy, Indications, Techniques, and Outcomes.
Academic Article Surgical Anatomy of the Knee A Review of Common Open Approaches.
Academic Article Trochlear contact pressures after straight anteriorization of the tibial tuberosity.
Academic Article Single-bundle anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: technique overview and comprehensive review of results.
Academic Article A comprehensive review of partial anterior cruciate ligament tears.
Academic Article Biceps tenotomy versus tenodesis: a review of clinical outcomes and biomechanical results.
Academic Article Tibial Tuberosity Osteotomy: Indications, Techniques, and Outcomes.
Academic Article Force displacement characteristics of the posterior cruciate ligament.
Academic Article Arthrometric evaluation of knees that have a torn anterior cruciate ligament.
Academic Article Interference screw divergence in endoscopic anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction.
Academic Article Comparison of "inside-out" and "outside-in" interference screw fixation for anterior cruciate ligament surgery in a bovine knee.
Academic Article Comparison of screw post fixation and free bone block interference fixation for anterior cruciate ligament soft tissue grafts: biomechanical considerations.
Academic Article Functional adaptations in patients with ACL-deficient knees.
Academic Article Bilateral, asynchronous, apophyseal fractures in the pelvis and proximal femur.
Academic Article Throwing-induced humeral shaft fracture in skeletally immature adolescents.
Academic Article Comparison of clinical and dynamic knee function in patients with anterior cruciate ligament deficiency.
Academic Article Biomechanical testing of the reconstructed ulnar collateral ligament: a systematic review of the literature.
Academic Article What Factors Influence the Biomechanical Properties of Allograft Tissue for ACL Reconstruction? A Systematic Review.
Academic Article Lateral Augmentation Procedures in Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction: Anatomic, Biomechanical, Imaging, and Clinical Evidence.
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