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Concept Dementia
Concept Dementia, Vascular
Academic Article TDP-43 pathology, cognitive decline, and dementia in old age.
Academic Article Poor decision making is a consequence of cognitive decline among older persons without Alzheimer's disease or mild cognitive impairment.
Academic Article Relation of genomic variants for Alzheimer disease dementia to common neuropathologies.
Academic Article Temporal Discounting Is Associated with an Increased Risk of Mortality among Community-Based Older Persons without Dementia.
Academic Article Cognitive decline impairs financial and health literacy among community-based older persons without dementia.
Academic Article Common variants at 12q14 and 12q24 are associated with hippocampal volume.
Academic Article Temporal course and pathologic basis of unawareness of memory loss in dementia.
Academic Article Poor decision making is associated with an increased risk of mortality among community-dwelling older persons without dementia.
Academic Article Antiphospholipid antibodies, brain infarcts, and cognitive and motor decline in aging (ABICMA): design of a community-based, longitudinal, clinical-pathological study.
Academic Article Conscientiousness, dementia related pathology, and trajectories of cognitive aging.
Academic Article Modification of the relationship of the apolipoprotein E e4 allele to the risk of Alzheimer disease and neurofibrillary tangle density by sleep.
Academic Article Cognitive decline is associated with risk aversion and temporal discounting in older adults without dementia.
Academic Article Relation of neuropathology with cognitive decline among older persons without dementia.
Academic Article Methylation profiles in peripheral blood CD4+ lymphocytes versus brain: The relation to Alzheimer's disease pathology.
Academic Article Shared random effects analysis of multi-state Markov models: application to a longitudinal study of transitions to dementia.
Academic Article A nonstationary Markov transition model for computing the relative risk of dementia before death.
Academic Article Effects of ignoring baseline on modeling transitions from intact cognition to dementia.
Academic Article Associations of APOE e4 With Health and Financial Literacy Among Community-Based Older Adults Without Dementia.
Academic Article Ex vivo MRI transverse relaxation in community based older persons with and without Alzheimer's dementia.
Academic Article Risk of incident clinical diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease-type dementia attributable to pathology-confirmed vascular disease.
Academic Article TDP-43 pathology and memory impairment in elders without pathologic diagnoses of AD or FTLD.
Academic Article Outcomes after diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment in a large autopsy series.
Academic Article Decline in Literacy and Incident AD Dementia Among Community-Dwelling Older Persons.
Academic Article Person-specific contribution of neuropathologies to cognitive loss in old age.
Academic Article Financial and Health Literacy Predict Incident Alzheimer's Disease Dementia and Pathology.
Academic Article Correlates of healthcare and financial decision making among older adults without dementia.
Academic Article Targeted brain proteomics uncover multiple pathways to Alzheimer's dementia.
Academic Article Combined neuropathological pathways account for age-related risk of dementia.
Academic Article Attributable risk of Alzheimer's dementia attributed to age-related neuropathologies.
Academic Article Education and cognitive reserve in old age.
Academic Article Scam Awareness Related to Incident Alzheimer Dementia and Mild Cognitive Impairment: A Prospective Cohort Study.

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