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Concept Radial Artery
Concept Internal Mammary-Coronary Artery Anastomosis
Concept Pulmonary Artery
Concept Uterine Artery Embolization
Concept Carotid Artery Diseases
Concept Coronary Artery Bypass
Concept Middle Cerebral Artery
Concept Umbilical Arteries
Academic Article Oxygen consumption and mixed venous oxygen saturation monitoring during orthotopic liver transplantation.
Academic Article The Effect of Prophylactic Phenylephrine and Ephedrine Infusions on Umbilical Artery Blood pH in Women With Preeclampsia Undergoing Cesarean Delivery With Spinal Anesthesia: A Randomized, Double-Blind Trial.
Academic Article Greater Cephalad Extent of Thoracic Epidural Sensory Anesthesia After Lidocaine and Epinephrine Test Dose Correlates With Analgesic Consumption and Pain Burden After Uterine Fibroid Artery Embolization.
Academic Article The effect of the arterial catheter insertion technique on the success of radial artery cannulation: a prospective and randomized study.
Academic Article Systemic magnesium to reduce postoperative arrhythmias after coronary artery bypass graft surgery: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials.
Academic Article Effects of high-dose fentanyl on fluid and vasopressor requirements after cardiac surgery.
Academic Article Differential effects of advanced age on neurologic and cardiac risks of coronary artery operations.
Academic Article Physiological advantages of cerebral blood flow during carotid endarterectomy under local anaesthesia. A randomised clinical trial.
Academic Article Sufentanil-midazolam anesthesia for coronary artery surgery.
Academic Article Does choice of anesthetic agent significantly affect outcome after coronary artery surgery?
Academic Article Effect of pulmonary artery catheterization on outcome in patients undergoing coronary artery surgery.
Academic Article Effects of phenylephrine or volume loading on right ventricular function in patients undergoing myocardial revascularization.
Academic Article Bioimpedance hemodynamics compared to pulmonary artery catheter monitoring during orthotopic liver transplantation.
Academic Article Aspirin does not increase allogeneic blood transfusion in reoperative coronary artery surgery.

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