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Concept Antibodies, Viral
Academic Article [Evaluation of serum specific IgM detection in diagnosis of respiratory viral infections in children].
Academic Article [Recombinant expression of human influenza A virus nucleocapsid protein and its antigenicity analyses].
Academic Article [Seroprevalence of antibody against human bocavirus in Beijing, China].
Academic Article Human bocavirus infections are common in Beijing population indicated by sero-antibody prevalence analysis.
Academic Article [SARS-associated coronavirus gene fragments were detected from a suspected pediatric SARS patient].
Academic Article Generation of recombinant nucleocapsid protein of human metapneumovirus in baculovirus for detecting antibodies in the Beijing population.
Academic Article [A preliminary investigation on the serological and epidemiological characteristics of severe acute respiratory syndrome in children].
Academic Article [Seroprevalence of antibody against human metapneumovirus in Beijing].
Academic Article [Prokaryotic expression for fusion protein of human metapneumovirus and its preliminary application as an antigen for antibody detection].
Academic Article [Serological analysis of SARS Coronavirus in children diagnosed clinically as severe acute respiratory syndrome cases during SARS epidemic in Beijing].
Academic Article Comparing Enterovirus 71 with Coxsackievirus A16 by analyzing nucleotide sequences and antigenicity of recombinant proteins of VP1s and VP4s.

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