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Srinivas Vourganti

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InstitutionRush University, Rush Medical College
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    1. Nguyen KA, Vourganti S, Syed JS, Luciano R, Campbell SC, Shuch B. End-stage renal disease secondary to renal malignancy: Epidemiologic trends and survival outcomes. Urol Oncol. 2017 Mar 28. PMID: 28363473.
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    2. Vourganti S, Starkweather N, Wojtowycz A. MR/US Fusion Technology: What Makes It Tick? Curr Urol Rep. 2017 Mar; 18(3):20. PMID: 28233228.
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    3. Daugherty M, Sedaghatpour D, Shapiro O, Vourganti S, Kutikov A, Bratslavsky G. The metastatic potential of renal tumors: Influence of histologic subtypes on definition of small renal masses, risk stratification, and future active surveillance protocols. Urol Oncol. 2017 Apr; 35(4):153.e15-153.e20. PMID: 28202224.
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    4. Watson MJ, Sidana A, Singer EA, Gupta GN, Rastinehad AR, Vourganti S, Bratslavsky G, Metwalli AR. Re: Csaba Berczi, Ben Thomas, Zsolt Bacso, Tibor Flasko. Bilateral renal cancers: oncological and functional outcomes. Int Urol Nephrol 2016 (Epub ahead of print). Int Urol Nephrol. 2017 Feb; 49(2):267-268. PMID: 27812784.
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    5. Gleicher S, Kauffman EC, Kotula L, Bratslavsky G, Vourganti S. Implications of High Rates of Metastatic Prostate Cancer in BRCA2 Mutation Carriers. Prostate. 2016 Sep; 76(13):1135-45. PMID: 27225637.
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    6. Kauffman EC, Lee MJ, Alarcon SV, Lee S, Hoang AN, Walton Diaz A, Chelluri R, Vourganti S, Trepel JB, Pinto PA. Lack of Impact of Robotic Assisted Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy on Intraoperative Levels of Prostate Cancer Circulating Tumor Cells. J Urol. 2016 Apr; 195(4 Pt 1):1136-42. PMID: 26581128.
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    7. Daugherty M, Blakely S, Shapiro O, Vourganti S, Mollapour M, Bratslavsky G. Chromophobe Renal Cell Carcinoma is the Most Common Nonclear Renal Cell Carcinoma in Young Women: Results from the SEER Database. J Urol. 2016 Apr; 195(4 Pt 1):847-51. PMID: 26555952.
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    8. Manwaring J, Vourganti S, Nikolavsky D, Valente AL, Byler T. Pannus Is the New Prepuce? Penile Cancer in a Buried Phallus. Case Rep Urol. 2015; 2015:403545. PMID: 26446361; PMCID: PMC4584035.
    9. Martucci VL, Lorenzo ZG, Weintraub M, del Rivero J, Ling A, Merino M, Siddiqui M, Shuch B, Vourganti S, Linehan WM, Agarwal PK, Pacak K. Association of urinary bladder paragangliomas with germline mutations in the SDHB and VHL genes. Urol Oncol. 2015 Apr; 33(4):167.e13-20. PMID: 25683602; PMCID: PMC4417377.
    10. Rais-Bahrami S, Siddiqui MM, Vourganti S, Turkbey B, Rastinehad AR, Stamatakis L, Truong H, Walton-Diaz A, Hoang AN, Nix JW, Merino MJ, Wood BJ, Simon RM, Choyke PL, Pinto PA. Diagnostic value of biparametric magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) as an adjunct to prostate-specific antigen (PSA)-based detection of prostate cancer in men without prior biopsies. BJU Int. 2015 Mar; 115(3):381-8. PMID: 24447678.
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    11. Rais-Bahrami S, Türkbey B, Rastinehad AR, Walton-Diaz A, Hoang AN, Siddiqui MM, Stamatakis L, Truong H, Nix JW, Vourganti S, Grant KB, Merino MJ, Choyke PL, Pinto PA. Natural history of small index lesions suspicious for prostate cancer on multiparametric MRI: recommendations for interval imaging follow-up. Diagn Interv Radiol. 2014 Jul-Aug; 20(4):293-8. PMID: 24808435; PMCID: PMC4463272.
    12. Vourganti S, Donaldson J, Johnson L, Turkbey B, Bratslavsky G, Kotula L. Defining the radiobiology of prostate cancer progression: An important question in translational prostate cancer research. Exp Biol Med (Maywood). 2014 Jul; 239(7):805-812. PMID: 24879423.
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    13. Hong CW, Walton-Diaz A, Rais-Bahrami S, Hoang AN, Türkbey B, Stamatakis L, Xu S, Amalou H, Siddiqui MM, Nix JW, Vourganti S, Merino MJ, Choyke PL, Wood BJ, Pinto PA. Imaging and pathology findings after an initial negative MRI-US fusion-guided and 12-core extended sextant prostate biopsy session. Diagn Interv Radiol. 2014 May-Jun; 20(3):234-8. PMID: 24509182; PMCID: PMC4289157.
    14. Shuch B, Vourganti S, Ricketts CJ, Middleton L, Peterson J, Merino MJ, Metwalli AR, Srinivasan R, Linehan WM. Defining early-onset kidney cancer: implications for germline and somatic mutation testing and clinical management. J Clin Oncol. 2014 Feb 10; 32(5):431-7. PMID: 24378414; PMCID: PMC3912328.
    15. Truong H, Logan J, Turkbey B, Siddiqui MM, Rais-Bahrami S, Hoang AN, Pusateri C, Shuch B, Walton-Diaz A, Vourganti S, Nix J, Stamatakis L, Harris C, Chua C, Choyke PL, Wood BJ, Pinto PA. MRI characterization of the dynamic effects of 5a-reductase inhibitors on prostate zonal volumes. Can J Urol. 2013 Dec; 20(6):7002-7. PMID: 24331340.
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    16. Shuch B, Hanley JM, Lai JC, Vourganti S, Setodji CM, Dick AW, Chow WH, Saigal CS. Adverse health outcomes associated with surgical management of the small renal mass. J Urol. 2014 Feb; 191(2):301-8. PMID: 24012580.
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    17. Stamatakis L, Siddiqui MM, Nix JW, Logan J, Rais-Bahrami S, Walton-Diaz A, Hoang AN, Vourganti S, Truong H, Shuch B, Parnes HL, Turkbey B, Choyke PL, Wood BJ, Simon RM, Pinto PA. Accuracy of multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging in confirming eligibility for active surveillance for men with prostate cancer. Cancer. 2013 Sep 15; 119(18):3359-66. PMID: 23821585.
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    18. Walton Diaz A, Hoang AN, Turkbey B, Hong CW, Truong H, Sterling T, Rais-Bahrami S, Siddiqui MM, Stamatakis L, Vourganti S, Nix J, Logan J, Harris C, Weintraub M, Chua C, Merino MJ, Choyke P, Wood BJ, Pinto PA. Can magnetic resonance-ultrasound fusion biopsy improve cancer detection in enlarged prostates? J Urol. 2013 Dec; 190(6):2020-5. PMID: 23792130.
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    19. Siddiqui MM, Rais-Bahrami S, Truong H, Stamatakis L, Vourganti S, Nix J, Hoang AN, Walton-Diaz A, Shuch B, Weintraub M, Kruecker J, Amalou H, Turkbey B, Merino MJ, Choyke PL, Wood BJ, Pinto PA. Magnetic resonance imaging/ultrasound-fusion biopsy significantly upgrades prostate cancer versus systematic 12-core transrectal ultrasound biopsy. Eur Urol. 2013 Nov; 64(5):713-9. PMID: 23787357.
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    20. Rais-Bahrami S, Siddiqui MM, Turkbey B, Stamatakis L, Logan J, Hoang AN, Walton-Diaz A, Vourganti S, Truong H, Kruecker J, Merino MJ, Wood BJ, Choyke PL, Pinto PA. Utility of multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging suspicion levels for detecting prostate cancer. J Urol. 2013 Nov; 190(5):1721-7. PMID: 23727310.
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    21. Shuch B, Hanley J, Lai J, Vourganti S, Kim SP, Setodji CM, Dick AW, Chow WH, Saigal C. Overall survival advantage with partial nephrectomy: a bias of observational data? Cancer. 2013 Aug 15; 119(16):2981-9. PMID: 23674264.
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    22. Vourganti S, Harbin A, Singer EA, Shuch B, Metwalli AR, Agarwal PK. Low Grade Micropapillary Urothelial Carcinoma, Does It Exist? - Analysis of Management and Outcomes from the Surveillance, Epidemiology and End Results (SEER) Database. J Cancer. 2013; 4(4):336-42. PMID: 23678370; PMCID: PMC3654490.
    23. Kauffman EC, Robinson BD, Downes M, Marcinkiewicz K, Vourganti S, Scherr DS, Gudas LJ, Mongan NP. Estrogen receptor-ß expression and pharmacological targeting in bladder cancer. Oncol Rep. 2013 Jul; 30(1):131-8. PMID: 23612777; PMCID: PMC3729232.
    24. Shuch B, Hofmann JN, Merino MJ, Nix JW, Vourganti S, Linehan WM, Schwartz K, Ruterbusch JJ, Colt JS, Purdue MP, Chow WH. Pathologic validation of renal cell carcinoma histology in the Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results program. Urol Oncol. 2014 Jan; 32(1):23.e9-13. PMID: 23453468; PMCID: PMC4435970.
    25. Yerram NK, Volkin D, Turkbey B, Nix J, Hoang AN, Vourganti S, Gupta GN, Linehan WM, Choyke PL, Wood BJ, Pinto PA. Low suspicion lesions on multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging predict for the absence of high-risk prostate cancer. BJU Int. 2012 Dec; 110(11 Pt B):E783-8. PMID: 23130821; PMCID: PMC3808160.
    26. Vourganti S, Rastinehad A, Yerram NK, Nix J, Volkin D, Hoang A, Turkbey B, Gupta GN, Kruecker J, Linehan WM, Choyke PL, Wood BJ, Pinto PA. Multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging and ultrasound fusion biopsy detect prostate cancer in patients with prior negative transrectal ultrasound biopsies. J Urol. 2012 Dec; 188(6):2152-7. PMID: 23083875; PMCID: PMC3895467.
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    28. Turkbey B, Huang R, Vourganti S, Trivedi H, Bernardo M, Yan P, Benjamin C, Pinto PA, Choyke PL. Age-related changes in prostate zonal volumes as measured by high-resolution magnetic resonance imaging (MRI): a cross-sectional study in over 500 patients. BJU Int. 2012 Dec; 110(11):1642-7. PMID: 22973825; PMCID: PMC3816371.
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    30. Shuch B, Vourganti S, Friend JC, Zehngebot LM, Linehan WM, Srinivasan R. Targeting the mTOR pathway in Chromophobe Kidney Cancer. J Cancer. 2012; 3:152-7. PMID: 22481981; PMCID: PMC3319981.
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    35. Vricella GJ, Ross JH, Vourganti S, Cherullo EE. Laparoendoscopic single-site nephrectomy: initial clinical experience in children. J Endourol. 2010 Dec; 24(12):1957-61. PMID: 20846003.
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    36. Ponsky LE, Steinway ML, Lengu IJ, Hartke DM, Vourganti S, Cherullo EE. A Pfannenstiel single-site nephrectomy and nephroureterectomy: a practical application of laparoendoscopic single-site surgery. Urology. 2009 Sep; 74(3):482-5. PMID: 19646739.
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    37. Vourganti S, Agarwal PK, Bodner DR, Dogra VS. Ultrasonographic evaluation of renal infections. Radiol Clin North Am. 2006 Nov; 44(6):763-75. PMID: 17147985.
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    39. Roychowdhury S, Peng R, Baiocchi RA, Bhatt D, Vourganti S, Grecula J, Gupta N, Eisenbeis CF, Nuovo GJ, Yang W, Schmalbrock P, Ferketich A, Moeschberger M, Porcu P, Barth RF, Caligiuri MA. Experimental treatment of Epstein-Barr virus-associated primary central nervous system lymphoma. Cancer Res. 2003 Mar 01; 63(5):965-71. PMID: 12615710.
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    40. Porcu P, Eisenbeis CF, Pelletier RP, Davies EA, Baiocchi RA, Roychowdhury S, Vourganti S, Nuovo GJ, Marsh WL, Ferketich AK, Henry ML, Ferguson RM, Caligiuri MA. Successful treatment of posttransplantation lymphoproliferative disorder (PTLD) following renal allografting is associated with sustained CD8(+) T-cell restoration. Blood. 2002 Oct 01; 100(7):2341-8. PMID: 12239141.
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