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Martha C. Morris

InstitutionRush University, Rush Medical College
DepartmentInternal Medicine, Division of Digestive Diseases and Nutrition
Address1645 W. Jackson Blvd.
Chicago IL 60612
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    Additional appointments:
    Professor and Director, Section on Nutrition and Nutritional Epidemiology
    Department of Medicine
    Assistant Provost for Community Research
    Rush University Medical Center

    I co-direct the Rush site Institute for Translation Medicine (ITM) Community and Collaboration Cluster. My research studies risk factors in the development of Alzheimer’s disease and other health problems of older persons, and in particular, how nutrition relates to these conditions. I have published findings on the relations of diet patterns, antioxidant nutrients, dietary fats, and the B-vitamins to these conditions, and am the lead creator of the MIND diet for healthy brain aging. I have a long history of NIH and other funding to examine dietary risk factors of Alzheimer’s disease among 10,000 African American and Caucasian participants of the Chicago Health and Aging Project and the relations of dietary components and patterns to neuropathology and neurologic diseases among 1,200 Chicago participants of the Memory and Aging Project. I am also the Principal Investigator of a multi-center randomized trial of the MIND diet to prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

    My ORCID is 0000-0002-5355-4918.
    My Scopus ID is 57193537989.
    NIH COMMONS: martha_clare_morris

    BA, 1977 University of Iowa
    MA, 1980 University of Iowa
    ScD, 1992 Harvard T.H. Chan of Public Health

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    2. Morris MC, Wang Y, Barnes LL, Bennett DA, Dawson-Hughes B, Booth SL. Nutrients and bioactives in green leafy vegetables and cognitive decline: Prospective study. Neurology. 2018 Jan 16; 90(3):e214-e222. PMID: 29263222.
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    3. Morris MC. Caffeine Intake and Dementia Risk-A Health Benefit From One of Life's Simple Pleasures? J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci. 2016 12; 71(12):1595. PMID: 27678291.
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